Create audiences based on user's location patterns and target them at the right place and the right time. Measure the real impact of your Drive to Store campaigns with incremental footfall in real time.

The Opportunity

Wherever we go these days we carry a mobile device with us, and most of us share our location data with the various apps we constantly use. This presents an opportunity for advertisers to reach out to people based on their current location by creating audience segments and driving them to specific locations with geo-fencing.

At mediasmart we take location accuracy to heart and give you full control, with an end-to-end solution and intuitive UX that allows you to geo-target your campaigns and measure the impact in real-time.

Reach users as they are in the vicinity of their stores

Drive greater engagement with location data

Refine targeting with movement & behavioral data

Deliver more relevant messages to consumers

proximity marketing with mediasmart

Geo-fenced &
Drive-To-Store Campaigns

Reach users in a specific location and engage them with personalized messages. Analyze results and preferences of your visitors and adjust exposition

Incremental Metrics

Drive users to a physical store and measure campaign impact and effectiveness in real-time


Create audiences and reach them basis their locations and time spent. Leverage this data for retargeting them elsewhere.

Connected Features

Easily discover POIs - based on OpenStreetMaps

Upload, download and modify geolists. Control their precision

Reach the world in real-time through our global inventory that comes with GPS signal or IP addresses

Access premium dashboard with daily insights & explore Heatmaps

Measure footfall in real-time ("attributed visits") with multiple solutions. Track Uplift and Incremental visits on a daily basis

Drive to Store Case Study: The Retailer

The following case study shares insights from two campaigns executed for a client operating across multiple countries. With a goal to drive incremental footfalls, the objective was to enable consumers to discover the store and make visits

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