App Marketing

Automatically measure incremental impact of your app marketing campaigns delivered either on the mediasmart platform or elsewhere through our ad server

Advertising Challenges & The Solution

In data-driven advertising, those delivering a higher ROI (cost per conversion) get a bigger budget. With incrementality, you pay not for conversions but for incremental conversions - a true measure of lift created by consumers exposed to your ads.

Incremental metrics will help you to

Take control and
measure real success

Optimize to focus on
what’s effective

Drive higher engagement with target customers

Reduce mobile ad fraud and deliver brand safe advertising

incremental app promotion with mediasmart


to make more informed decisions


to be in full control

Incremental Metrics

to measure true ROI

Audience Targeting

to reach relevant audience

Ad Experience

to drive higher engagements

Optimization Models

to help achieve the targeted KPI goals

The Case Study

Do you want complete transparency and controls to optimize your results?

Read this case study to know how mediasmart’s incrementality driven advertising platform not only delivered higher value but also reduced inefficiencies caused due to ad fraud.

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